Permanent makeup is a great way to enhance your appearance
or to fill in areas of sparse hair in the eyebrows
as well as recreating a more structured beautiful shape.

Delaware Medical Wellness & Aesthetic Permanent Makeup 


Microblading is a technique in which a handheld tool with micro needles are dipped into the pigment suitable for the clients natural hair coloring. Then thin strokes mimicking natural hair are placed under the epidermis. Resulting in a beautiful, natural appearance with no pain or downtime. Results last 12-15 months.

Permanent liner

Liner is a great way to enhance the eyes and give your lashes a fuller more defined look. Lash enhancement is a very conservative approach to permanent makeup. For a more dramatic look a full liner application can be done. Results last 2-5 years.

Softap brows

Softap, also known as a powder brow is going to give the brows a soft, more made up look. This procedure is good for those who fill their brows as part of the regular makeup routine. A handheld tool is used to gently tap pigment into the epidermis. Results last around 2-5 years.

Maintenance: $125

Initial touch ups are done 30 days after first procedure to ensure retention and tweak results to clients liking at no charge.